Shiva Temple in Asirgarh Fort

© Forgotten Immortals, Asireshvar Mahadev Temple, Asirgarh Fort

Title: Asireshvar Mahadev Temple

Description: Ashwathama visits this very temple at the end of his journey from the banks of Tapi river through the Bilmarg into the Asirgarh Fort. This temple is situated at the the South-East end of the Fort overlooking the Khandwa forest. It was constructed in 18th Century by Ahilyabai Holkar in Maratha style. The temple is sunken few steps below the surface of the fort connected with intertwined space and passages that open up outside the fort on the South-West end. It is believed that through these passages Ashwathama enters and leaves the fort after placing a white Brahma Kamal on the Shivalinga in this very temple. This sectional drawing of Asireshvar Temple is attributed to an unknown architect who donated the work to Forgotten Immortals Archive.

Attributed to: An Unknown Architect

Attributed Date: Unknown

Source: Handmade paper

Language: Hindi

Dimensions: 15 in. x 10in.

Identifier/Keywords: Asireshvar, temple, ashwathama, drawing, sectional, section, steps, asirgarh, fort,

Title: Asireshwar Shiva temple inside Asirgarh Fort

Description: This is the temple where Ashwathama visits. Some believe he visits every fortnight, some say he visits every full moon day. The temple is a 18th century Maratha dynasty style of architecture seen in Madhya Pradesh. It was commissioned by Ahilyabai Holkar. Right outside the temple there is a pink Dholpur stone panel with the legend of Ashwathama inscribed.

Source: Digital photographs

Attributed Date: 2019

Identifier/Keywords: Ashwathama, asireshvar, temple, asirgarh, fort, stone, panel, inscription, ahilyabai, holkar, 18th, century

© Forgotten Immortals, Asireshvar Mahadev Temple, Asirgarh Fort
© Forgotten Immortals, Garbhagriha inside Shiva Temple in Asirgarh Fort

Title: Garbhagriha

Description: It is in this very Garbhagriha (inner sanctum) of the Shiva Temple that Ashwathama visits every fullmoon day and places a white brahmakamal flower on this very Shivalingam and leaves through the Bilmarg (secret passage) into the Forest of Khandwa.

Date: 2019

Source: Video

Format: .mp4

Identifier/Keywords: Ashwathama, garbhgriha, inner, sanctum, temple, asirgarh, fort, shivalingam, brahmakamal, white,

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