Bilmarg बिल मार्ग (Secret Passage)

Title: Bilmarg Images

Description: It is believed that Ashwathama enters the Asirgarh fort through these Bilmarg (secret passages). There are 17 known openings through which one can enter the asirgarh fort. It is believed that some of these passageways connect to the Gupteshwar Mahadev temple in Burhanpur about 25 kms from Asirgarh fort. According to Tapi Mahapuran, Ashwathama takes a holy bath in the tapi river and offers prayer at Gupteshwar temple and walks through the Bilmarg (secret passage) into Asirgarh Fort and puts a white flower on the Shivalingam. Ashwathama is a Lord Shiva devotee so he travels around Tapi river and visits Shiva temples.

Source: Digital Photographs

Date: 2019

Format/Dimensions: Inkjet Archival prints, 18 in. x 12 in.

Identifier/Keywords: Secret, passage, bilmarg, asirgarh, fort,

Title: Bilmarg (secret passage)

Description: There are 17 known such secret passages inside Asirgarh Fort as described by the locals. In 2019, Forgotten Immortals embarked on a documentation of these kind of openings inside the Asirgarh Fort. The openings in the ground lead nowhere in particular. Locals describe the secret passage as a labyrinth. Some men of the nearby village attempted to walk into the labyrinth against the wish of the village elders. It is believed by the locals that they must have amalgamated into the labyrinth. The word they use for this is “ Sama Gaye” – they fused into the labyrinth. That is the reason why locals don’t send their children to Asirgarh Fort without supervision.

It is still a mystery how the Grass Gatherers travel through the labyrinth. It is believed they have special powers.

Source:Digital Photographs

Identifier/Keywords: Ashwathama, Bilmarg, Secret, Passage, Asirgarh, fort

© Forgotten Immortals, Bilmarg (secret passage), 2019

Title: Bilmarg (secret passage)

Description: It is written in Tapi Mahapuran, a gujarati translation of sanskrit text mentions the secret passage that Ashwathama takes to reach the Asirgarh fort and eventually walking into the forest of Khandwa. Locals believe he comes every full moon day to put a peculiar ‘White Flower’ on the Shivalingam. Many have witnessed the sight of the all white flower inside the Shiva Temple in Asirgarh Fort.

Today in 21st century, the secret passage in Gupteshwar Temple is occupied by cockroaches and rats. It is presumed by locals that the cursed Ashwathama is destined to wander in such filthy corners of the world.

Text Ascribed to: Tapi Mahapuran

Source: digital video

Attributed Date: 2002

Format: .mp4 or .mov

Language: Hindi and English

Identifier/Keywords: Ashwathama, tapi, mahapuran, bilmarg, secret, passage

© Forgotten Immortals, Bilmarg inside Asirgarh Fort

Title: Bilmarg Cyanotype

Description: It is believed that Andrew Cussins made cyanotype prints during his visit to Asirgarh Fort between 1884-1886. This one depicts a camouflaged opening. On the top left corner of the image is a pointed arched entrance to a secret passage. There are 17 openings across the fort in different directions. Ashwathama enters and exists through this openings secretly in the early hours of the day when the fort remains closed for visitors.

Attributed to: Andrew Cussins

Ascribed Date: 1884-1886

Source: Cyanoype print on japanese rice paper

Dimensions: 20 in. x 17 in.

Identifier/Keywords: Cyanotype, bilmarg, secret, passage, asirgarh, fort, ashwathama, leaves, camouflage

Title: Bilmarg#16

Description: This particular passage is located right below the Mahadev Temple inside Asirgarh Fort. During the monsoon months this opening remains underwater while during other months of the year you can walk through it into the labyrinthine spaces underneath.

Source: Digital Photographs

Identifier/Keywords: Ashwathama, Asirgarh, fort, bilmarg#16, secret, passage

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