Ancient Map of Ashwathama Sightings

Title: Ancient Map of Ashwathama Sightings

Description: Allegedly ancient map showing the river Narmada and villages on its bank. This drawing on a cotton paper acts as a cosmological yantra depicting the journey of Ashwathama along the river Narmada. The yantra adorned with a flower pattern is similar to the Brahma Kamal (Brahma’s Lotus) that Ashwathama puts as offering in Asirgarh Fort. The horoscope chart is a representation of the cosmological happenstance of an immortal in this region. It is believed that when Ashwathama was born unique formation of stars and galaxies were created in the skies and the astrologers of the time noted it all down in this particular horoscope.

Attributed to: Narad

Source: Handmade Cotton Paper

Date: Believed to be between 17th and 18th Cenutry

Dimensions: 940 mm X 680 mm

Language: Gujarati, Sanskrit

Identifier/Keywords: Ashwatham, journey, cotton, paper, yantra, river, drawing, calligraphy, horoscope, numbers

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